Final destination - ZHANJIANG / by jorge cruz

Sunday 04 september 20h00

"Zhanjiang is to the southwest of the city of Guangzhou on an inlet of the South China Sea. It is on the eastern coast of the Leizhou Península. The spoken language in downtown districts is Cantonese, while people in most counties speak Hainanese (or Leizhou dialect as it is referred to locally). The dialect in Lianjiang County is Hakka.

Zhanjiang has a humid subtropical climate with short, mild, overcast winters and long, very hot, humid summers. The monthly daily average temperature in January is 15.9 °C (60.6 °F), and in July is 29.0 °C (84.2 °F). From April to September, rainfall is the heaviest and most frequent. Influenced by the ocean climate, Zhanjiang escapes the heat of the summer and chilliness of the winter."