I’m not wishing you a Happy New Year! / by jorge cruz


 „I’m not wishing you a Happy New Year!

instead, I’ll wish you softness when you’re grieving and the breath to navigate through it.

I’ll also wish for you to see that you are surrounded by people who probably have many of the same terrors as you do.Even if social media seems to be sure they are doing much better.

If you are alone right now, I wish you to know that you won’t be for much longer, if you don’t want to be.

And if you are broken-hearted right now I wish for you to know that it won’t last forever. In fact, next NYE you may be ringing the bells with your dream come true.

But, I’m not wishing for your dreams to come true; because they might not.

Instead, I’m wishing you the inner fortitude to face what is given and a clean warm blanket to wrap up in when you need to be held close. I’m not wishing you goals reached.

I’m not wishing you many successes.

May we accept this life. All of it. Right now.

No more, more, more wishing for anymore.

Fuck our best wishes.

I wish to let it all go. Instead of making goals and setting intentions…

Let’s turn towards the great mystery of our complete unknowing shall we?

Let’s try to release the grip.

Let’s start by sweeping the floor.“